How to import a product from Yakkyofy to eBay

Due to eBay’s strict policy on dropshipping, before listing an item on eBay, all users are required to have a little stock of the same item in our warehouse in Shenzhen. You don’t need to buy huge amounts of items even 5 or 10 pieces are enough.

After buying your stock, visit the Products Tab and find the item you buy, if you need help with that, just copy and paste the SKU number (without the variant) inside the search field.

Enter the product page and click on dropshipping.

Select your store and choose if publish on or and then proceed.

Select the variants that you want to import and click “Next”.

Then you will see the SHIPPING COUNTRIES page, where you will be able to get the shipping price for your item. 

If you select only one country you will have all the shipping methods and the price available for that country. 

If you select more than one country you will get the Maximum Price, the Minimum Price, and the Average between the two that you are going to pay

This will not impact your future shipping, tomorrow, if you decide to ship to France and you have not selected France here, it will not be a problem for our system, this will have an impact only on the price that you are going to import on your store.

After clicking NEXT, you will see the PRICING page where you will be able to modify the product variants’ prices according to your preferences, while in the blue box on the right side, you will see the Product price, the shipping costs, and the TOTAL that you would need to pay us. 

Under this, you will see an option where you can select your own margin percentage, let’s say you want to have a 45% profit margin on the product, in this window you can edit it. Once you are happy with the price, click on NEXT. 

In the “4 Import” tab, you need to fill in the fields following eBay requirements.

  1. The title of the item needs to be no longer than 80 characters

  2. You must select one of the eBay categories for your item

  3. You need to select the correct policies

  4. An finally write your description.

Then just click on the “Import and Publish” Button

Mar 25, 2021

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