How to request a quotation for a product to sell on eBay

Due to eBay’s strict policy on dropshipping, before listing an item on eBay, all users are required to have a little stock of the same item in our warehouse in Shenzhen. You don’t need to buy huge amounts of items even 5 or 10 pieces are enough.

Now, to buy this little stock, you need first to ask for a quotation.

Here you have 2 options:

You can ask for a quotation for a product that you have already found in our catalog or ask for a quotation for a new item outside the catalog.

  • In the first case, visit PRODUCT >PUBLIC CATALOG, select an item and click on the WHOLESALE button.

  • In the second case, visit QUOTATIONS>WHOLESALE, click on the NEW REQUEST button and insert the link of a product that you have already found on Aliexpress, Alibaba, or Amazon.

In both cases, you will land on this page.


Here you can decide if you want to private label your products with your logo or not.

Remember if you want the customization, the MOQ required will be higher.

Select the number of pieces that you want to buy and check your estimated total, if the price is fine for you click SEND YOUR QUOTE. Yakkyofy will check the availability of your product and approve your requests.

Once your request has been approved visit QUOTATION> WHOLESALE click on your quote and pay.

If your product is without customization, it will be automatically updated in your virtual warehouse and you could import it to your store and start selling it.

If your product has customization, you need to wait the customization time before seeing your product appear in your Virtual Warehouse.

Mar 25, 2021

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