Manage your tracking numbers: options available and how to modify them.

With Yakkyofy you can easily find and manage all the tracking numbers of your dropshipping orders and send automatic notifications to your customers.

Our standard option is that every time an order is fulfilled, the tracking number will be uploaded into your store and an email will be sent to your final customer (option available only for Shopify stores).

This is the standard but you have also other options available. You can also decide:

  • not to send the tracking number to your customer
  • to send only the last mile tracking

To change your tracking number notification options, you need to visit the Personal Account > Settings Tab inside your Yakkyofy account, go to the “App settings” section, and decide which option to apply.

In this area you will find 2 options concerning your trackings:

  1. Send tracking numbers via email automatically (available only for Shopify Store Users).
  2. Show only last mile tracking 

If you uncheck “Send tracking numbers via email automatically” it means that your customer will not receive the tracking number via email anymore.

Notice that if you choose this option, Yakkyofy will still fulfill your tracking numbers on your Shopify store, but will not be sent the notification via email to your customer.

If you check “Show only last mile tracking” it means that if the package and only if the package has been shipped out with Special Line, the customer will receive only the last mile track. 

If you choose this option, the customer will not see the origin of the parcel but only the final tracking inside the country of destination.  So, for example, a UPS tracking will track the package from their warehouse to the customer’s address.

However, the tracking will be activated, later than usual, because it will become active only when the package arrives at the final destination country.

If you choose the “Show only last mile tracking” option:

  • for Woocommerce users, Yakkyofy will upload only the last mile tracking on the Woocommerce store
  • for Shopify users, Yakkyofy will send the first input to your store as soon as an order has been fulfilled, and your store will send an email to your customer saying the order is on the way.

The first email will look like this and will not have any tracking inside.

Then when the parcel arrives at the final destination country, a second email will be sent to your final customer.

This second email will look like this and by clicking on the button the customer will be redirected to a link that can track his package.

Notice that the email will be sent by your Shopify Store, so if you want to change the email template or change the text inside this standard email, you must visit the settings tab inside your Shopify store and change the template there.

So choose the options that you prefer and start managing your tracking numbers.

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