Why I should use Yakkyofy Affiliate Program work?

We created an affiliate program based on passive monthly commissions and that we feel is really convenient for our affiliates for many reasons:

  1. you can get monthly recurring passive commissions for all the customers you register from your affiliate link

  2. making people register is super easy, they don’t need to pay anything and only have to create a free account on Yakkyofy. 

  3. you will not lose any referrals, because customers that register with your link get a special bonus: 60 Image Search quotations for the first month after the registration, which is double than normal.

  4. you will get a 3% recurring commission on all the products purchased by your referral customers.

Once you receive your reward on your eWallet, you can start using it. If you are not interested in spending this money using the Yakkyofy eWallet, you can also request, once per month, to receive your reward on your Paypal account.

Mar 30, 2021

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