How to manage your subscription

You will be able to manage your subscription by following these steps:

1)  Click on the icon at the upper right corner of the screen.

2. Then select the “Subscriptions” option.

3. If you need to change your current plan you can select “Change plan”.

While if you need to change the payment method you can click on “Change Payment Method

It will allow you to change the details of your card by filling the details in the pop up message and clicking on “Add Payment Method

4. If you selected “Change plan”, you will display this page which will show you all the options you have for upgrading (A) or canceling (B) the current plan.

A. Please note that this option also allows you to choose between monthly and annually billing




5. If you need to upgrade your plan (A) you can follow the steps shown at this link

While if you need to cancel or restore your subscription (B) you will need to follow the instruction shown at this link

May 2, 2022

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