How do I ask a quotation for wholesale products?

With Yakkyofy you can easily buy wholesale products to ship to a customer address in one of these countries:


Italy - IT

Germany - DE

United Kingdom- GB

France - FR

Belgium - BE

United States - US

Netherlands - NL

Poland - PL

Denmark - DK

Czech Republic - CZ

Spain - ES

Austria - AT

Finland - FI

Luxembourg- LU

Sweden - SE

Croatia - HR

Slovakia- SK

Slovenia- SI

Bulgaria - BG

Estonia - EE

Latvia - LV

Lithuania - LT

Romania - RO

Greece - GR

Portugal - PT

Ireland - IE

Hungary - HU



Italy - IT

United States - US

United Kingdom - GB

France - FR

Germany - DE

Austria - AT

Poland - PL

Netherlands - NL

Spain - ES



Italy - IT

To do that you can select one of the products on our catalog and click the WHOLESALE button, or if the item is not in the catalog, you can visit your QUOTATIONS>WHOLESALE Tab and click the NEW REQUEST button.

NB: please remember that if the product already exists on our system is always better to use the Wholesale button inside the product page, in this way your request will be faster.

If you use the New Request Button, under Quotations> Wholesale Tab you will see this.

Here you can insert an Aliexpress or Alibaba URL to send us all the characteristics of the products you are looking for.

Then select BULK SHIP OUTSIDE CHINA, insert the exact address where you want to deliver your items, and click the NEXT button. 

On this page, you need to choose whether to personalize the item or not and write some notes if needed.

If you choose the customization option, remember to write where you want your logo printed and upload the image in PDF or AI. Keep in mind that the logo will be printed as it appears (same color and shape) in the file that you uploaded. 

At this point, you will need to pick the variants that you want to purchase and write the quantity for each variant.

In the blue box on the right, you will see a recap of your request, check that everything is correct, logo picture, quantities, and all the other information.

If you want to ship your product to an Amazon FBA location, write here FBA and the location of the warehouse you have chosen, then click on SEND YOUR QUOTE.

After approximately 7 days, when the quotation is ready, you will receive a notification in your email. 

Once your request has been approved visit QUOTATION> WHOLESALE click on your quote and pays your order with the available payment gateway.

An order will be created for you, under ORDERS> WHOLESALE, and from here you can continue to follow it, see when it becomes fulfilled, and also check your tracking number.

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