How to ship a stock to Amazon FBA

Yakkyofy can help you ship stocks directly to an Amazon FBA warehouse, this will allow you access to this channel and automate the tasks related to Amazon's shipping labels.

To be able to ship a stock to Amazon FBA, you will first need to request your quotation.

You will have three options for specifying the item you would like to ship:

  1. Visit Quotations>Wholesale and click on "New Request".


2) You can choose one of the products available on our catalog as shown in Products>Public products by clicking on it.


3) You can select one of the dropshipping quotations available in Quotations>Dropshipping by clicking on Details.


If you chose the first option (1), you will display this page on which you will be able to paste the link for a product found on Aliexpress, Alibaba or Amazon, then you should click on Submit.


While if you started placing the request either selecting a product from the catalog (option 2) or one of your dropshipping quotations (option 3) you will display the product details page, at this point you should click on Wholesale.


In both cases, you will then see this page, on which you should first select the option "Ship directly to Amazon FBA",


Then you should select the country in which the Amazon warehouse is located and click on Next.


You can now decide if the item should be a private label item or not, if not you can proceed by clicking on Next.

If you are interested in private label products you can visit this link for further information, but please consider that private label products will only be available for customers who did subscribe to our plans starting from Yakkiofy Premium.


The following page will allow you to specify the quantity for each variant you would like to purchase.

When done, you should click on "Send Your Quote".


The quote will then be available in Quotations>Wholesale pending approval.


Once it will be approved, you will receive an email asking you to provide the following information:

  • Amazon FBA local warehouse full address as a destination for your stock.
  • The labels that you downloaded from your Amazon Account.

You will just need to reply to the email providing the address and attaching the labels and then, once the data will be updated by our team within the quote, you will receive a new email informing you that the order can now be purchased.

At this point, you will just need to visit Quotations>Wholesale again and click on Buy.


Finally, after the checkout, the order will be displayed in Orders>Wholesale.


Our team will then purchase the items and ship them to the Amazon FBA warehouse you selected.

Jun 15, 2022

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