Shopify Application

  • How to connect your Shopify Store?

    To connect a Shopify store to your Yakkyofy Account, visit the Yakkyofy Dashboard > Store Tab and click the “Add A Store” Button.  Select Shopify and you will be redirected to our Shopify App Page. . Click on the “Add App” buttonAnd then login into your Yakkyofy Account.
  • How to connect an existing Shopify page with Yakkyofy

    If you are already selling a product and you want to start using Yakkyofy as a supplier for that item, you can connect your pre-existing Shopify Page with your Yakkyofy dashboard without changing the URL of the page. It is really easy. You have to search the product in our catalog and if you don’...
  • Automatic Tracking Numbers on Shopify, how they work and what to do if the order is archived.

    Yakkyofy will upload all the tracking numbers inside the Orders Tab in your Yakkyofy Dashboard and also inside your Shopify Store if in your settings you have selected Notify my customers about fulfillments and trackings. At the same time, when tracking is upload on Shopify an email will be sent ...