Automatic Tracking Numbers on Shopify, how they work and what to do if the order is archived.

Yakkyofy will upload all the tracking numbers inside the Orders Tab in your Yakkyofy Dashboard and also inside your Shopify Store if in your settings you have selected 
Notify my customers about fulfillments and trackings

At the same time, when tracking is upload on Shopify an email will be sent automatically from your Shopify store to your customer. 

Clicking this email your customer will see the tracking of is order. This email will use the template that you have selected in your Shopify account, Yakkyofy will only upload the tracking number. If you want to change the content of this email you have to visit your Shopify account and change it there.

The Tracking Page visited by your customer will look like this below.

Yakkyofy will also upload the tracking number in your Shopify order page, if the order is not “ARCHIVED”.

If the order has already been archived, you can upload your tracking number manually by clicking on the “Add Tracking” button.

Insert in the Tracking Number Field, the tracking number that you found in your Yakkyofy App. 

To complete the Tracking URL field, you have to go to and insert your tracking number, then copy the link that comes out. Like the Yellow one that you see in the following picture.

Then choose “Other” as Carrier and Save.

Easy right?

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