How to request a refund or a replacement

Returns and refunds are regulated according to the Yakkyofy Return and Refund policy which is available at the following link

In case you may need to request a refund or a replacement for one or more products included in an order you can follow these steps:

  1. Login to your Yakkyofy account and click on "Need help?"

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  1. Then, once the assistance menu will be displayed, click on "Contact us"

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  1. By clicking on "Select" you will display a menu on which the main options for refunds and returns are: "Damaged or defective product on arrival", "Incorrect product on arrival" and "Missing product on parcel/order".

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  1. When selecting "Damaged or defective product on arrival", you should first need to fill the following information:  Yakkyofy order number, SKU, Delivery date and Problem description.

By clicking on "Add one" you will be able to add more products in case there were more than one damaged or defective item.

If the item is an electronic product you must flag the Electronic product option

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At the bottom of the page you will then need to upload the following files: Screenshot of customer's complaint or dispute received, Video or photo that shows the problem and a picture of the shipping label with visible tracking number.

Then you should just click "Send" and the request will be forwarded.

damaged upload.png

  1. The same information, except for the Electronic product option, is required when selecting "Incorrect product on arrival"


  1. When selecting "Missing product on parcel/order" you will instead need to provide the Yakkyofy order number, the international tracking number, the delivery date, the SKU (for which you will also be able to specify the quantity) and you should also upload the shipping label picture.

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