How to ask for assistance regarding your shippings

All issues regarding shippings are regulated according to the Yakkyofy Return and Refund policy which is available at the following link

In case you may need to request information regarding the shipping for one of your orders you can follow these steps:

  1. Login to your Yakkyofy account and click on "Need help?"

Need help.png

2. Then, once the assistance menu will be displayed, click on "Contact us"

contact us.png

3. By clicking on "Select" you will display a menu on which the main options regarding shippings are: "Shipping delay" and "Never arrived".

delay never.png

4. When selecting "Shipping delay", you should first need to fill the following information:  Yakkyofy order number, Tracking number and Shipping method.
If the delay is related to a wholesale order you must flag the Wholesale option.

Shipping delay.png

5. The same information is required when selecting "Never arrived", along with Last update of tracking (which is the date of the last update available when checking the international tracking) and the picture file for your customer's complaint mail or dispute received

Never arrived.png

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