How to check a dropshipping quotation

If you would like to check all the details about product and shipping costs and options on the Yakkyofy dashboard you can follow these simple steps:

1. If the product you would like to check is one of the items for which you've already requested a quotation, you should click on Quotations>Dropshipping and check if the quotation is approved (in this case it will have a green tick icon next to it).

Then you should click on the “Details” button.

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While, if the item is one of the public products shown in our Products section you will need to click on Products>Public Catalog and then on the product’s image

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2. You will then find a page showing the product price, the discounted price for the product, the Discount MOQ, which is the minimum quantity you will need to purchase in order to get a discount, and information about the variants available.

Once checked you should click on the “Dropshipping” button on the right.

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3. You will then display a pop up message showing the stores you connected, if you would like to import the product directly on your store you can select one of them.

Or else you can click on the “Didn't connect a store yet? Skip for now” option.

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4. Now the variants' list will be displayed again and you will be able to check and select for which variants you would like to check the shipping costs and options and which of them to import.

Once you did choose the variants by flagging or unflagging them, or by clicking the "Select All Variants", button you can click on the “Next” button shown on the right.

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5. Once done, the “Shipping” tab will be displayed, here you will be able to select the destinations available and their shipping costs and options by selecting preset buttons and/or by typing the country of destination.

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By clicking on the “>” icon you will also be able to display all the other shipping options and costs available for that same destination.

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6. To be able to check a recap of the costs you can click on the “Next” button on the right and you will display this page on which you can also set the profit margin you can get for selling this product.

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If you are happy with our quotation, you can then proceed importing the SKU on your store by following the further steps shown on this tutorial:

Dec 5, 2023

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