Can I pay only for one shipment for sending out more than one product, can I bulk shipping items together?

Yes, we can ship more than one product in the same parcel. Our software will automatically calculate the shipping cost for orders with multiple products.

But please do consider that:

  • the shipping cost will be recalculated based the total weight and size of the products included in the parcel. This means that it will not be the same price you will pay for shipping just one product but it may also differ from the sum of the shipping costs for the single products included in the parcel.
  • There are weight and size limits for the parcels which may vary depending on the shipping method, so we will be able ship all the products together only if the total weight and size will not exceed these limits. If an order will include products which are too heavy or too big, it may be necessary to ship the order in more than one parcel.
  • We can only ship up 3 SKUs per parcel.
  • Some particular products such as liquids will be quoted with a specific shipping method due to international shipping regulations, for instance some of them can only be shipped with Cosmetic Special Line, in this case if you have one of these specific items in an order along with one or more other standard products this product will be shipped in a separate parcel due to the difference in shipping method.

In any case, if an order will be split in two or more parcel by the system and once it will be fulfilled, you will be able to display a tracking number for each of its parcels on the Orders>Dropshipping tab of your Yakkyofy account.

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