How can I change shipping options?

1. How to change Default Shipping Method

By default our system always ships your orders with the fastest shipping method available for each country and if two services have the same delivery time, we use the cheaper option.

If you want to change your shipping plan, go to Personal Account > Settings Tab and under Shipping Plan select your prefered option, then click Update.

If you select “default shipping plan” in your Profile, your items will be shipped with Special Line.

If you want to use Premium Special Line for shipping destinations where this service is available, you will need to select this option.

2. How to change Shipping Method of individual orders at the checkout

If you want to change the shipping method for a single order, simply click the Cart Icon at the top of the page, find the order and before paying, change the shipping method to your prefered option.

Note: this is not available if you’re paying with your eWallet balance

May 7, 2021

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