How do you calculate shipping prices?

Shipping prices are based on product weight and size, shipping service, and destination. We always try to provide the fastest service at the lowest price. First we consider the delivery time and, if two services have the same delivery time, we choose the cheaper one. The reason we can’t offer the same price for all the products and for all the countries is that some products are considered dangerous, such as liquids for instance, so they will need to be shipped with a specific method.
Also different weights and volumes will strongly impact on shipping costs, hence if you will ship more than one item per parcel, the cost will be recalculated based on the overall weight and size of the parcel, so it will be higher than the shipping cost for one single piece.
Then you have to consider the country of destination and the shipping services, not all the shipping services are available for all countries.
So we always try to offer the best service considering the delivery time and the price, thus the different prices for the different products and countries.

If you want to check the shipping price of a specific item to a specific country, you can follow the steps shown at this link 

P.S. Please note that if two or more items are included in one single order and one of them will need a specific shipping method due to its content or materials the order may be split in two or more different parcels. This may also apply to orders including a high amount of products or when the sum of the items' weight and size may exceed forwarders limitations.

Jun 28, 2022

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